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CrossFit Rowing Trainer Course

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Aug 05, 2014

The recent CrossFit Games once again showed how popular the indoor rower is with CrossFit. The indoor rower has played a part in every CrossFit Games to date and 2014 was no exception, with the machine featuring in three separate events.

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As an increasingly important component of many CrossFit workouts, rowing is one of the movements and sports that CrossFit has created specialty training for. Aligning with Concept2, CrossFit has recruited coaches to help optimise the use and movements of rowing within their programming.

To help support CrossFit affiliates worldwide, CrossFit Rowing coaches are now expanding their course offerings internationally. This autumn, CrossFit Rowing instructor Erin Cafaro will be conducting a series of CrossFit Rowing Trainer Courses throughout Europe, including one at CrossFit Nottingham on September 27.

A double Olympic gold medallist, Erin will be teaching rowing technique, technical error analysis and correction, verbal cues, rowing physiology and kinesiology, how to structure a CrossFit rowing workout, maximising rowing power and efficiency, increasing rowing power output and more. The day will include rowing on the Concept2 Indoor Rower, team teaching, and two CrossFit workouts.

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