Service | Concept2

Model B Troubleshooting

Chain/Shock Cord Problems

Symptom 1

Chain skips on sprocket during the drive or runs roughly during the recovery.

Resolution 1

Stiff links in chain. Clean and lubricate the chain. If it continues to skip, the machine should not be rowed and you should contact Concept2 immediately.

Symptom 2

Handle does not retract all the way to the cage and hangs loose.

Resolution 2

  1. The shock cord may be too loose due to normal stretching. To adjust the shock cord tension, pull the S.C.A.M. (see Return Mechanism Instructions) out the back of the monorail with a pair of pliers and feed enough cord through the S.C.A.M. to achieve the desired tension. If you have more than 6" of excess cord, it should be trimmed after taping the area to be cut to prevent unraveling.
  2. The shock cord may be too loose due to cold temperatures. If it is cold, allow it to warm up.