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ErgData Did Not Record My Workout

There are four reasons why ErgData will not record a workout:

  • The Just Row/Ride/Ski workout was less than a minute long.
  • A USB flash drive or LogCard was present in the Performance Monitor (PM). When a USB flash drive or LogCard is present, the workout is recorded on the USB flash drive or LogCard, not in ErgData. When using ErgData, remove the USB flash drive or LogCard prior to your workout.
  • You did not press Menu | Back on the monitor at the end of your workout to signal the end of the piece.
  • ErgData needs to be connected to the Performance Monitor prior to starting the workout to record. If you start your workout without connecting, you will have to go back to the main menu and go through the connection process, then set up/start your workout again. Completed workouts cannot be retroactively moved from the PM to ErgData; instead, you can either enter the workouts in the Online Logbook manually, or sync them to the Online Logbook using the Concept2 Utility.