ErgRace Online For Competitors | Concept2

ErgRace Online For Competitors

In order to take part in ErgRace Online, you'll need the following:

  • A PM5 with the latest firmware. Try the test race well in advance so you have plenty of time to update your firmware if needed.
  • A phone or tablet with the ErgRace app. Download this from the links on the right for iOS and Android or via your app store.
  • A Concept2 Logbook account
  • The competition code for your event. This will be provided by the organiser of your competition.
  • Public competitions are listed in the app and can be joined by anyone. Concept2 runs races each week for you to try out.

Note: Before taking part in your first race, we recommend you try the short test race in the app. This is a one minute race that runs approximately every ten minutes. This will allow you to make sure your system is able to take part in ErgRace Online as well as making you familiar with how it will work in the actual race itself.

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