Performance Monitors

Our Performance Monitors set us apart from the competition. Whether you choose the PM3 or the PM4, its accurate, comparable data will take your training to the next level. Read on to learn more about the features or view a side-by-side comparison.


Packed with Features, Easy to Operate

We pack a lot of functionality into each PM, but we also make sure they’re easy to use. The monitors are designed to power up and provide data as soon as the flywheel starts spinning, so you don’t need to push a single button to get started.

If you prefer to dive in to all the functions the monitors provide, the easy menu-driven operation lets you quickly access preset workouts, save favorite workouts, review past workout results and much more. For a full run-down of how to use your Performance Monitor, visit How to Use Your PM or access the on-board help right in the monitor (on the Main Menu, select Information).

Data and Displays

The Performance Monitor provides distance, speed, pace, calories, and watts for each workout you do. If you’re using heart rate equipment, it’ll provide heart rate data too.

You can choose between five display options: all data, force curve, bar chart, large print and having a paceboat/pacer.


The removable LogCard (included) stores your workout data and preferences and makes your data portable. With our free Concept2 Utility software, you can upload your data from your LogCard to your online logbook or to a file on your computer. Each LogCard can hold data and preferences for up to five people, so even if there’s more than one person using the machine, one LogCard is all you need.

Power Generation

The PM3 takes two D cell batteries or the optional AC adapter. If you use batteries, the monitor draws power from your workouts to extend battery life.

The PM4 includes a rechargeable battery pack that recharges while you row or ski or when plugged into a computer (USB cable included). Alternatively, you can power the PM4 with two D cell batteries or the optional AC adapter.


Both monitors include games for those days when you need a little extra motivation or just a break from your regular routine. They’re also great teaching tools for both kids and adults! The PM3 includes the Fish Game and Biathlon, while the PM4 also has Darts and Target Training.


The accuracy of the Performance Monitor makes it ideal for racing and competition. With a PM, you can compete against your teammates or workout rivals, whether they're in the same room or on another continent.

For more information see the Racing page of the Performance Monitor section.

Additional PM4 Features

Increased Memory Capacity

With its increased memory capacity, the PM4 has room to grow with future features to keep you on your game.

Built-in Machine-to-Machine Racing

The PM4 uses ANT technology to support wireless racing between up to eight machines with no computers or extra equipment needed.

Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring

The same ANT technology that makes wireless racing on a PM4 possible also allows for wireless heart rate monitoring. We include a Garmin chest belt with every PM4 so you can make use of this feature right out of the box.

ANT Compatibility

Other ANT enabled devices may also work with the PM4; however, Concept2 does not guarantee that this will be the case. For a list of ANT compatible products, visit To determine compatibility, the best method is to try using the ANT device in question with the PM4 and see if it works.