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6 Live and On Demand Rowing Workout Apps and Why We Like Them

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Nov 11, 2022

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With over 40 apps that connect to the Performance Monitor, it can sometimes be hard to choose an app that works for you. We asked Concept2 employees to test some workout apps for the RowErg, both live and on demand, and share their experiences. Hopefully, you'll find some inspirational insights!


"Asensei offers excellent personal RowErg coaching by Olympic champion Eric Murray. I really like the personalized, step-by-step progression as part of 'getting started'. This app provides exceptional race strategy advice and voiceover coaching during the pieces and post-workout emails sent with advice to help my stamina and technique. The voice/music toggle is a nice feature, along with the ability to share workouts with friends."
Kate, Oar Team



"Rowhouse has a robust library of both rowing only, and rowing and strength training classes, ranging in duration from 20 to 45 minutes. They have two instructors to choose from, each offering their own unique style of rowing and coaching. I appreciated the cues for making the work harder or easier depending on how I felt during that workout. As a bonus, the app also has an extensive collection of other fitness classes like Pilates, barre, yoga, etc."
Kate, Oar Team

Regatta Fitness

Regatta Fitness offers a team of instructors that deliver a full schedule of live and on demand rowing classes. While rowing is not their only offering, it does make up a large portion of their classes. Depending on your wants, you can connect to your PM5 to have the screen display your performance numbers and track your place on the leaderboard, or you can skip that piece altogether and just follow along. You can opt in to the Regatta soundtrack or listen to your own music. Regatta allows you to integrate your workouts into the Concept2 Online Logbook to track your metres and participate in many of the Concept2 online challenges. Finally, Regatta values the importance of community. There is a way to post and share your pictures and accomplishments with other Regatta users.”
Cady, Customer Service and Training



"With FIIT, I really enjoyed the ease of connecting, and how thorough the instructor was. There was a focus on technique before even warming up, and check-ins around form throughout. The workout worked in stroke rate and intensity as a percentage, which was helpful to follow along with. The production value was high, and a nice option is that you can choose to keep the in-class music, or play your own while still getting instructions. There were cues aimed for both beginners and more experienced rowers, and options were given. While I’d fall under the experienced category, I felt the tips aimed at beginners were helpful. The subscription options seem reasonable, and a 14-day free trial was perfect for trying the rowing track as well as the non-rowing classes.”
Jameson, Customer Service and Marketing



"Kinomap keeps rowing exciting by offering videos of scenery like Honolulu or Switzerland that can be explored virtually by rowing a boat. KinoMap connects easily to the PM5 monitor and provides real-time feedback, including a feature that the harder I pull, the faster I will see the "movie", which is pretty cool. I recommend Kinomap to anyone looking for variety. It’s compatible with the RowErg, SkiErg and BikeErg."
Martin, Concept2 Germany

And something a little different…

“If you’re an iPhone user, then Apple Fitness+ is an option, as that carries rowing classes on their app, as well as a number of other workout options like yoga, cycling and dance. Although the app doesn’t connect to your monitor (and the instructor isn’t using a Concept2 RowErg, boo) you can still follow along to the classes. I like that you can quickly sort through a large library of workouts and filter them by duration and instructors. There are over a hundred classes to choose from, with more added weekly, and the production values and music selection are excellent. As you have access to the rest of Apple Fitness+ as well, I like that after a workout I can choose a five-minute cooldown and stretch to do as well. One top tip is that while it doesn’t connect to the PM, you can run ErgData in the background to record all your workouts.”
David, Web Team

There are many ways that technology can add variety to your routine. In addition to our free app, ErgData, the apps we tested connect with the Performance Monitor 5 (PM5) via Bluetooth and ANT+. The PM5 is standard on all Concept2 ergs and can be retrofitted to all models.

While these apps are not developed, serviced or supported by Concept2, we’re excited to share these details because we think the features and functions will interest athletes of all abilities.

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