Rowing Oars - Custom Made Components | Concept2

Choosing Your Oar Components

We build custom oars. This allows us to offer the greatest selection possible to meet your specific needs, however unique they may be. While many of our more common configurations work for most people, the fact is: if you want it, we will build it.

If you would like to order preconfigured sculls, check out our new offering: Bantam Sculls. If you are ordering sweeps or would like to configure a set of sculls, choose from the oar components discussed on these pages.

When choosing oar components, we recommend making your selections in the order indicated below. We recommend starting with blades, because blade selection impacts other decisions such as shaft and oar length.

  1. Blade
  2. Shaft
  3. Oar length
  4. Handle and Grip

We also recommend having our sweep order form and/or our scull order form in hand while you look through these pages. Make note of the components you choose and have the form with you when you call to order.