Scull Grip Options - Rubber - Microfiber Suede - Foam | Concept2 Oars

Scull Grip Options

We offer a variety of grips so that athletes can choose materials and diameters that fit them best.

Learn how to choose a grip.

Replacement grips are available for purchase. For oars older than 2004 (on a fixed length or 10 cm length adjustable handle), please contact us for assistance.

Smooth Green Grip

Smooth Green

  • Diameters: 32 mm (thin), 34.5 mm (medium), 37 mm (thick)
  • Firm, smooth texture
  • Most durable, easy to clean
Contoured Orange Grip

Contoured Orange

  • Diameters: 32 mm (thin) or 33.5 mm (medium)
  • Radial finger sized contours and brushed texture
  • Firm, durable material
Microfibre Suede Grip

Microfibre Suede

  • Diameters: 32 mm (thin) or 34.5 mm (medium)
  • Soft, suede-like texture
  • Adhesive-backed synthetic suede grip layer
  • Easy and inexpensive to replace; no tools required
  • Requires more frequent replacement than our other grip options
Ice Blue Grip
Azure Blue Grip

Ice Blue and Azure Blue

  • Diameters: 33.5 mm (Ice Blue), 36 mm (Azure Blue)
  • Firm feel with longitudinal ribs
  • Easy to clean
Black Rubber Grip

Black Rubber

  • 35mm diameter
  • Firm, rubber texture
  • Durable, does not show dirt
Blue Cellular Foam Grip

Blue Cellular Foam

  • 35 mm diameter
  • Soft feel with a firm, sponge-like texture
  • Requires more frequent cleaning to retain grip properties

Note: We recommend our Microfibre Suede sweep grips over our Blue Cellular Foam grip, as many customers have confirmed our opinion that the grip and feel of the suede is better than the blue foam. Both the suede and blue foam feature a surface that is slightly absorbent, and both will wear out much faster than the very durable green rubber grips; however, the suede is easier and less costly to replace than the blue foam.

Bare Core

The bare core is meant to be rowed with a grip, but we offer this option for people who plan to use their own or another manufacturer’s grips on their sculls.

Diameter Chart

Grip Adjustable Composite Scull Handle
Smooth Green    
  Thin 32 mm
  Medium 34.5 mm
  Thick 37 mm
Contoured Orange
  Thin 32 mm
  Medium 33.5 mm
Microfibre Suede    
  Thin 32 mm
  Medium 34.5 mm
Ice Blue 33.5 mm
Azure Blue 36 mm
Black Rubber 35 mm
Blue Cellular Foam 35 mm
Bare Core 30 mm