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Why Do YOU Erg?

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Feb 14, 2023

greg, cady, john in gymWe all have reasons that drive us to get on our Concept2 RowErgs, SkiErgs or BikeErgs every day and get those metres on the books. We talked to Concept2 employees at our Vermont headquarters and in our subsidiary offices to hear about what gets them on their machines each day.  

Greg Hammond, Marketing, US: To live a healthier life and to age as slowly and as well as possible. 

Bruce Bearman, Operations, US: HWPO GOLF. Yes, really. Golf. We use an erg in every workout.

Nic Volk, Oar Production, US: I erg to stay in shape for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The ergs are awesome for my strength and cardio conditioning.   

Peter Dreissigacker, Founder, US: I erg to stay ahead of the "old man" who is following me every day trying to catch me. 

Dena Hirchak, Customer Service, US: Two reasons: To keep my weight down and to improve my stamina for hiking and backcountry skiing. My next big goal is to hike Mount Katahdin this summer! 

John Fowler, IT, US: I use the BikeErg to keep my legs tuned for mountain bike season. I use the SkiErg because I enjoy it. I use the RowErg at my CrossFit gym. It’s awful. I love it. 

Chantelle Phillips, Customer Service, Australia: I have a BikeErg at home and love it. When at our local CrossFit gym, I choose to use the RowErg or the BikeErg as an alternative to running only because my body was not built to run, unless I’m being chased by a lion! I use my BikeErg more for fitness than for a particular sport. 

Ursula Mannessen, Admin/Customer Service, Netherlands: I work out to stay fit. First only on the BikeErg, but during the last Fall Team Challenge I discovered that I really enjoy working out on all three of the ergs.

Michelle Davison, Customer Service, Australia: I’ve been doing CrossFit since the end of 2010, so I erg a lot in training which is all part of my lifestyle now! It keeps me fit, active and healthy. 

Jonny Day, Tech Support, United Kingdom: Why do I erg? It used to be because I rowed [on water] for 14 years, so to help with my rowing. The past year I have been part of a CrossFit style gym, and I just like using them.

Drew  Eberts, Oar Production, US: I row during bad weather, transition seasons, or when I’m short on time to stay fit for my real passions of biking and skiing. I also row to keep my lower back strong and avoid the pounding of running (which I also love but shouldn’t do too much).

Kristin Hubbs, Purchasing, US:I’m twice post-partum and I am trying to get into a rhythm with the RowErg to build my body back up from the extended “break” I took from exercise!

Yara Lagger, Office Manager, Switzerland: It keeps me fit in terms of cardio. I feel great when finishing a workout because I know I train my whole body, and that can never be a bad thing, right? 

Martin Stridde, International Sales, Germany: I want to live as long as possible and be as healthy and fit as possible. That is why I (try to) row regularly. 

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