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SkiErg Testimonials

Matt Chan CF-L4, CrossFit Verve, CrossFit Headquarters Seminar Staff

The SkiErg is a valuable part of my training both for CrossFit and for other sports. Aside from being in a pool, building upper body stamina without any external loading is a difficult task. The motor recruitment pattern of hip flexing, followed by shoulder extension is also hard to train with other movements. Because of this, training on a SkiErg is a great compliment to training with a Concept2 Indoor Rower or an Air Bike.

For CrossFit workouts, the SkiErg can be a devastating tool to applying intensity to workouts because the movement function pairs very well with so many other movements, such as squats, presses, pulls from the floor, and so on. It also provides another training stimulus, which will equate to a more well-rounded athlete.

As an athlete who has suffered through a couple of injuries, using the SkiErg also provides an excellent way of minimizing impact on the low back and knees. Nobody wants to lose aerobic capacity which is hard earned.

—CrossFit Verve
—CrossFit Headquarters Seminar Staff