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How To Use Your PM3

Setting Up a Variable Interval Workout

  1. On the Main Menu, choose Select Workout.
  2. Select New Workout.
  3. Depending on your firmware version, either:
    • Select Intervals and then select Intervals: Variable, or
    • Select Intervals: Variable.
  4. On the Interval: Variables window for Interval 1, select Calorie (PM5 only), Distance or Time for the type of interval you want to define.
  5. Set the Calorie/distance/time for the work interval, the time for the rest interval and the PaceBoat/PaceSkier, as desired:
    • Choose plus or minus to increase/decrease the values as needed.
    • Choose the right and left arrows to navigate through the various digits.
  6. Select the checkmark icon to save the interval.
  7. Repeat steps 4–6 for the number of intervals you want to define.
  8. When you are finished defining intervals, select No More Intervals.
    • If you are using a LogCard or USB flash drive, the PM will prompt you to save the workout as a favorite. This is a good idea if this is a workout you do frequently. Select Yes to save the workout. Then, select the favorite you'd like to replace with the new workout.
    • If you do not want to save the workout as a favorite, select No.
  9. The PM5 allows a maximum of 50 intervals in a single workout.