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How To Use Your PM3

Switching Users

Each LogCard holds up to five users. If you are sharing your LogCard with other users, take the following steps to change to a different user.

Choose one of several methods:

  1. Remove the card and reinsert.
  2. From the Main Menu, press the MENU button 4 times to power off the monitor. Press the MENU button again to turn it on. You will then be prompted to select a user.
  3. Some monitors have a “Switch User” menu option. Please note that this feature has been removed from current firmware so it may not be present on your monitor.
    1. Press Menu | Back until the Main Menu screen is displayed.
    2. Select More Options.
    3. Select Switch User.
    4. Select the desired user.

    If you do not see the Switch User option, either your firmware does not support this option or you only have one user on your LogCard.