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How To Use Your PM3

Working with the Force Curve

The Force Curve is an immediate graph of your force application during the stroke. It shows how your total force varies as you use your legs, back and arms in sequence during the drive. A smoother-shaped curve indicates a smoother application of force. The greater the area under the curve, the better your results for that stroke will be. In general, you should strive for a broad arching Force Curve, without any sharp peaks or wobbles. This will show that you are achieving a smooth, continuous drive. If you have a coach, be sure to ask what he or she thinks your curve should look like.

Viewing Your Force Curve

To view the force curve, at anytime during a workout, either press Display or Change Display until you see the force curve at the bottom of the screen, or press the second button down on the right of the monitor.

Changing Your Force Curve

Change the shape of your Force Curve by varying the relative timing and emphasis of the legs, the back and the arms during the drive phase of the stroke. To learn more, visit our Training Section.