Oar Collar Assembly | Concept2

Collar Assembly

Each oar has a collar that consists of two pieces, which are essentially mirror images of each other. Small pegs on the ends insure that the pieces can only be put together with the proper orientation. Either side of the collar can face the oarlock; in fact, when one side wears out, you can rotate the collars to use the other side! A large stainless band clamp goes around both pieces to secure the collar onto the sleeve. See drawings below.

Sleeve with collarStep 1. Install the Collar

Loosely assemble the collar pieces and band clamp around the sleeve. Note the centimeter scale on the back of the sleeve as a reference for your collar position.

Step 2. Position the Collar

CollarBe sure the teeth of the collar are engaged evenly in the sleeve grooves at the desired setting, then tighten the band clamp firmly with a screwdriver.

  • Do not over tighten the collar band clamp.
  • The band clamp should be tight enough to keep the collar teeth engaged in the sleeve grooves at the desired setting. Over tightening may result in warping or damage of the collar.
  • The band clamp does the work.
  • A slight gap is desirable.