Oar Repair - Blade Removal Video | Concept2

Blade Removal

Bob Beeman, a member of our Regatta Service and Oar Manufacturing team, demonstrates how to remove an old blade from an oar shaft.

Materials Needed

  • Propane torch
  • Draw knife or other strong knife

Procedure overview

  • Heat blade to soften blade and glue
  • Use knife to cut away part of softened blade
  • Pull blade off
  • Clean up glue on shaft

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Heat the blade as follows:
    1. Apply heat to the blade where the shaft comes into the blade for approximately three minutes. Keep the flame moving evenly.
    2. If blade starts to blister or burn, move the flame to another spot.
    3. Rotate the blade to heat the front and back evenly. Applying even heat is the most important step in removing a blade.
  2. Remove blade material:
    1. Use a draw knife (or any strong knife blade) to cut away a strip of the blade material to expose the shaft as shown.
    2. Continue to remove blade material with the knife until the shaft is exposed as shown. Take care not to go so deep that you damage the oar shaft.
  3. Pry blade:
    1. With a strong knife, pry the blade material away from the shaft.
    2. Continue prying until the blade can be easily removed from the shaft.
  4. Remove shaft: Twist and pull the blade to remove it from the shaft.
  5. Clean shaft: Immediately after removing the blade, clean any remaining glue from the oar shaft with a knife. Sand the shaft if necessary.

The Blade Repair Instruction Booklet has full instructions with photos.