Adjusting Pitch with Bushings | Concept2

Adjusting Pitch with Bushings

Concept2 oarlocks are compatible with replaceable bushings for pitch adjustment and pin fit. Different coloured bushings fit different pin diameters as shown in the table below.

Bushing Colour Sweep Scull
Black 9/16 in 1/2 in (and adapter*)
Blue 13 mm 13 mm
White 1/2 in 7/16 in
* Adapter for “crescent” type scull backstand fits into 1/2 in scull bushing.

Universal Blue Bushings

Our universal blue bushings provide 3–5 degrees of positive oarlock pitch. For four degrees (the most common), point the imprinted arrows toward the gate on both the top and bottom of the oarlock. For three or five degrees of pitch, face the desired pitch value toward the gate on the top and away from the gate on the bottom, similar to the white and black bushings. If you have a 13mm pin and are looking for 1, 2, 6, or 7 degrees of pitch, the traditional style blue rakes are still available. Please call Concept2 to order.

Black and White Bushings

Select two bushings with the desired pitch (1–7 degrees) and insert them in opposite directions to achieve desired pitch. The bushing with the desired pitch should be inserted with that number facing the gate on top and the opposite direction—away from the pin—on the bottom.


Universal Bushings
Universal Bushings

Oarlock showing bushings with pitch
Universal blue bushings installed for 4° pitch.