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How to Use Your PM5

Just Row/Ski

A Just Row or Just Ski workout is a workout without a set distance or time. For example, if you just begin rowing without pushing any monitor buttons, you are doing a “Just Row” workout. On a Just Row/Just Ski workout, the Performance Monitor will power up and begin recording your workout data after a few seconds.

You can also select a Just Row/Just Ski workout on the monitor as follows:

  • On the Main Menu, select Just Row (or Just Ski).

Note: You must row or ski for at least one minute or 100 metres for Just Row/Just Ski results to be saved in memory or on your LogCard. After your last stroke of a Just Row workout, press Menu or Menu | Back twice and the metres rowed will be saved. This can also be achieved by waiting 6 seconds after your last stroke and pressing Menu or Menu | Back once. Just Row/Just Ski workouts can be up to 50,000 metres.