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How to Use Your PM5

Racing with PM3s or with a Mix of PM3s, PM4s and PM5s

If you have PM3s, your option for running a race is to run a wired race with a PC and using USB cables as the means of wiring (network/Ethernet cables will not work). This is also your option if you have a mix of PM3s, PM4s and PM5s.

Wired racing with a PC requires the use of a software package to manage the race. The two options for software packages are:

  • Concept2’s Venue Race Application

    The Venue Race Application is available as a free download from the Service section of our website. You will also find supporting documentation, such as Race Guides, indoor rower configuration, wiring diagrams, known issues, and 3rd party solutions you can use in conjunction with the Venue Race Application.

  • Digital Rowing’s RowPro

    RowPro enables venue racing with up to 16 boats per race in 3D on your PC. Boats can be single sculls, doubles, quads or octuples. RowPro also enables Online Rowing and Racing with one single scull per PC. For more information about racing with RowPro, visit