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How to Use Your PM5

Understanding Splits

The Performance Monitor displays workout results in two ways: as a final result for the total distance or time, and as a set of points (or segments) along the way called splits. The splits show how your pace varied through the workout.

In general, the performance monitors break a workout into fifths; so a split is 1/5 of a workout. There are a few exceptions to this. For example, splits for 2000m workouts are set at 500m, and splits for a marathon (42,195m) are set at 2000m. It is also possible to set your own split if you are setting up a new workout.

Splits apply to single distance or single time workouts. Interval workouts are not formatted to utilize splits.

Splits and Early Termination

When you end a single distance workout early (early termination), the monitor stores it as a "Just Row/Ski" workout; in other words, it stores the piece as if you had just gotten on the machine and started your workout without setting anything up on the monitor first.

"Just Row/Ski" workouts are stored with five minute splits, for a maximum of seven splits to save space. Once the monitor would need more than seven splits (that is, at the 35 minute mark of the workout), it begins storing 10 minute splits instead. If the workout time exceeds 70 minutes, the monitor begins storing 20 minute splits. This process continues as necessary to keep the workout to seven splits.