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How to Use Your PM5

Understanding and Changing Units

The PM provides three different units for showing your workout intensity:

  • Pace per 500 metres—How long it takes you to row or ski 500 metres: the smaller the value, the faster your pace. The monitor displays your pace per 500 metres for each stroke as well as your average pace per 500 metres for the workout.
  • Watts—Your power output, in watts: the higher the value, the more power created. The monitor displays watts for each stroke as well as your average watts for the workout. For information about the formula used to determine watts or to calculate pace-to-watts or watts-to-pace, visit the Watts Calculator page.
  • Calories—The number of Calories burned: the higher the value, the more Calories burned. During a workout, the monitor displays the total Calories burned and also translates this to a Calorie/hour value (when viewing results, the monitor displays the Calorie/hour value). To calculate Calories, the monitor uses a formula based on a 175 pound individual. To calculate Calories burned for your body weight, visit the Calorie Calculator page.

At any time during a workout or while viewing workout results, press Units or Change Units to view your workout intensity in a different unit; the PM cycles through the different units with each successive push of the button. In addition to pace, watts, and Calories, scrolling through units also displays total time or metres elapsed for the workout or interval, depending on the workout type.