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How to Use Your PM5

USB Flash Drive Overview

The PM5 works with USB flash drives (FAT and FAT32 USB formats only) to store your workout data and update your PM5 Firmware. Although using a USB flash drive is not required, it's a convenient way to store and manage workout data, and it allows you to perform firmware updates without needing to connect the PM5 to a computer. For best performance and reliability, use a name brand drive USB flash drive. Smaller USB flash drives will be more responsive, and we recommend not storing any other files on the disk. We also recommend not using USB 3.0 as they will drain battery life more without providing any speed benefits.

First Use: Initialize the USB Flash Drive

The first time you insert a USB flash drive into the back of the PM5, the PM5 creates a Concept2 folder on and adds pertinent subfolders and files to the USB flash drive. (Workouts, for instance, are stored in a Logbook subfolder of the Concept2 folder on the USB flash drive; firmware files are stored in the Firmware subfolder, and so on.) You will then be prompted to add a user name to the USB flash drive. This name identifies the owner of the USB flash drive (each USB flash drive stores information for a single user) and appears in the upper right corner of the PM5 screen. This process initializes the USB flash drive for everyday use with the PM5.

Note: You can also initialize a USB flash drive with the Concept2 Utility Version 7 or higher. Learn more

Everyday Use/Logging Workout Data to the USB Flash Drive

  1. Insert the USB flash drive into the back of the PM5.
  2. Turn the PM5 on to the Main Menu and wait until the PM5 recognizes your USB flash drive. The PM5 must recognize your USB flash drive before you begin each workout. Please note:
    • Recognition will only occur while the Main Menu is showing.
    • Recognition may take five seconds or more.
    • Recognition has occurred when the PM5 displays the Welcome screen showing your user name in the upper right corner of the screen.
    • If the PM5 is off, press Menu to power it up and then wait for recognition.
  3. Your workout must be "ended" prior to removing the USB flash drive for the data to be saved in the USB Logbook. A defined workout will "end" upon completion. A "Just Row", interval, or uncompleted workout must be ended by pressing the Menu button. Workout data will be logged properly when the Main Menu screen appears. A "Just Row" workout less than one minute in length will not be logged.


  • When the USB flash drive is in use, the fourth option on the PM5 Main Menu becomes "USB Logbook;" otherwise, this option is labeled "Memory," and any workout completed will be stored to the PM Memory instead of to the USB flash drive.
  • To see information and workouts that have been saved to the USB flash drive, select USB Logbook from the PM5 Main Menu, and select a menu option as appropriate.
  • While you can use the USB flash drive for storing other information, we do not recommend storing that data in or making any changes to the Concept2 folder or its contents.
  • Do not attempt to charge a mobile device using the USB flash drive port on the PM5 as this will overload the port. Attaching anything other than a USB flash drive to the PM5 is neither recommended nor supported.
  • The PM5 works with any quality USB Flash Drive that is formatted with FAT or FAT32. Please be aware, however, that some larger USB Flash Drives may be pre-formatted with incompatible file systems, so we recommend smaller size USB Flash Drives for use with the PM5.